WWDC 2020 Roundup


Apple is back with yet another year of WWDC. But this year they have gone all digital. But that did not stop them from making this event as interesting as the previous ones.

Apple showcased the new version of their flagship operating systems – iOS14, iPadOS14, WatchOS7, TVOS14 and MacOS Big Sur. There is also an update for Airpodod Pro software.

When it comes to iOS14 and iPadOS14, Apple has ticked most of the boxes of feature requests from the users. For the first time, we can now embed live widgets into the home screen. The call notification is does not take up the full screen. Siri now has a minimalistic design. We can now use picture in picture in both iPhone and iPad and it also works with Airplay Videos. There are some features that are exclusive for iPadOS. Some updates were also announced for the messages app to make it more in line with the current trends.

TVOS and WatchOs updates where bit disappointing. TVOS has more features for home control now and watchOS now has hand wash and dance routines detection added to their feature list.

MacOS Big Sur is taking a page out of iOS and going more minimalistic. This is to give a same seamless experience to the users across all Apple devices. There is also a major update to Apple Maps across all platforms. It now shows route optimised for cycling and has guide option for tracking your favorite places.

There are also updates to Apple Privacy in devices as well as in safari. We also get an option to convert our current login in different platforms into “Sign in with Apple”.

Airpod Pro also gets updated. It can now automatically switch to the device that you are currently operating. Also it now supports spatial audio that supports 5.1, 7.1 and Dolby Atmos.

Finally, Apple announced the major decision to move their Mac lines to Apple SOC architecture. They even showcases the new Mac OS Big Sur running on this new custom chip. The entire transition will take about two years.