Windows 10 Will Allow To Reactivate Device After Hardware Change


Windows 10 has been gaining a constant market share, thanks to Microsoft’s aggressive strategy. But it was always an issue to reactivate windows after a major hardware change. The method required you to call Microsoft support and request them to allow you to reactivate you system.

But with the new Windows 10 Anniversary Update, your windows licence can be linked to your Microsoft Account. So after you reinstall your Windows 10 after a hardware change, you just need to login with your Microsoft Account and select the device from the list of previously activated devices and let Microsoft know that the device you are trying to activate is actually once of the previously activated devices.

It is said that this feature will work for all those how have the previous product key, which means that all those who have taken the advantage of the free Windows 10 upgrade program can use this feature. It is still not clear how Microsoft will address the reactivation issue for devices which came preinstalled with Windows 10.