WAR Movie Review

Most of us were anxiously waiting for past few years to see the guru and chela on screen together and our prayers has been answered finally in the form of – WAR.

Lets see what works for the movie and what doesn’t.

The Good:

Hrithik Roshan is back with all his glory. It has been a drastic transformation from Super 30. The duo of himself and Tiger Sheroff lits up the screen.
The action is top class even though its OTT at most times.
Two songs are good to listen and watch.

The Bad:

Tiger Sheroff is one of those actor who has done so much exercise that his facial muscles have become rigid too. His expression is always the same, be it a emotional scene or action or even when he tries to be comical. And at times, we get confused if he is doing action or is he dancing.
The songs are good, but it does not go well with the story.
The background music seems a bit out of place too, and does not add value to the action scene.
The graphics is patchy in some action sequences.
The entire story and edition some how does not make any sense. How old is Hrithik now, especially that Tiger’s father died when he was probably a fifth grader. Why would the doctor take the pain of cosmetically hide Tiger’s facial scars if they are just planning to throw him on the beach just to be found by the cops. And how on earth are they so well traveled all over the world. The list goes on.
Vaani Kapoor’s character is extremely underwritten.

The Verdict:

Overall its a fun watch if you do not think too much.