VJ Andy Eliminated from Bigg Boss House


BiggBoss7_LogoAs a shocking development in the controversial show Bigg Boss 7, VJ Andy faced a rather surprise mid-night eviction with just three more days left for the grand finale.


Andy, who was one of the favorite contestant in the show was eliminated as a part of a fake task where all the four nominated contestants, Gauhar Khan, Tanishaa, Ajaz Khan and Andy were handcuffed and locked down on separate boxes and were supposed to release themselves and rush to the main house as fast as possible when the buzzer is sounded.


As the task progresses, Gauhar, Tanisha and Ajaz enter the main house one by one butt Andy is nowhere to be seen. This is when Bigg Boss declares that Andy has been evicted from the show. A visibly upset Sangram and Tanisha were seen weeping in the show, where as Gauhar was calm and kept it to herself. Ajaz however seems to be faking his sadness about Andy’s elimination.