Upen Patel To Leave Bigg Boss House On Next Weekend Episode


Upen Patel To Leave Bigg Boss House Next Weekend


Supposedly Upen Patel was supposed to leave the house along with Sana Khan. It is noticed that upen Upen’s reentry, Bigg Boss had never declared Upen Patel as a challenger or a champion. It was later known that Upen had just entered the house as a guest and increase the TRP of the show. And he was able to do it to a great extent. Upen and Karishma Tanna were the highlight of the show for the entire week. And the loplock between them was the height of it.

All the other contestants were overshadowed by Upen and Karishma’s romance and chemistry. Upen had been quite open about his feelings towards Karishma, and recently Karishma also confessed that she like Upen and will date each other when they leave the house to see how things go from there.

So since this chemistry is making headlines, the makes have decided to extend Upen Patel’s stay by another week. So now he will not leave the house with Sana and will stay there for another week until the next weekend episode.