Super Deluxe Movie Review

Super Deluxe

Super Deluxe, as the name suggests is a bit on a higher level when it comes to a movie watching. This movie is strictly for adults only but at the same time, the movie is not vulgar.

The movie plays along a grey area where it is neither a montage, nor an anthology, nor a linear movie. The movie requires your constant attention and even a single lapse can leave you in a totally confused state.

In short, the movie has four different story tracks and revolves around the concept of the butterfly effect. Every story has a strong base and contributes to the lives in other stories, knowingly or unknowingly. Samantha, Fahad Fazil, Vijay Sethupaty and the three friends are the scene stealers, though.

But having said that, the movie is not everyone’s cup of tea and is made for serious watchers only. Overall, it is a lovely movie and a lot of fun elements and some really good acting.