Spiderman is back and ready to join the Avengers. After a glimpse of him being showcased on Captain America: Civil War, our spidey gets a solo movie of his own under the MCU. By far, this can be termed as the best Spiderman movie of all.

The movie seems to be most tightly adapted from the comic where Peter Parker does not have any special power and works is way to even make his web. The movie as very interesting moments and keeps you glued on to your seats.

The IMAX 3D animations are amazing and the action sequences are eye popping. The characterization of the villain is also clean and you sometime wonder is he actually a bad guy or a good guy gone rogue.

The entire moving is set on the backdrop of ┬áHomecoming event and even the title is apt since Spidey’s return to the MCU is more like an “Home Coming”.

Overall, the movie is amazing and is definitely worth the money and time you spent for it.