Special Twist In 25 Lacs Rupees Task In Bigg Boss


Special Twist In 25 Lacs Rupees TaskĀ In Bigg Boss



The first day of the torture chamber task was coming to an end. Ali Quli Mirza and Mehak had already given up along with Rahul Mahajan. It was then when the twist came. Bigg Boss called Rahul Mahajan in the confession room and handed over a letter to him telling that he should read it aloud for all the remaining contenders in the chamber.

The letter stated any one contender who quits in next thirty minutes will get a special power to directly nominate a contestant in next week’s nominations. When Rahul was reading the letter both Karishma Tanna and Dimpy Ganguly declared that they will quit. But as Rahul finished the letter Karishma told her decision to Upen Patel who was the sanchalak of the task. Upen was near to Karishma all the time and did not bother to listen to any one else. This definitely did not go well with Dimpy and both have an heated argument.

Dimpy accuses Upen for being partial. Let’s see who eventually wins the torture chamber task.