The much anticipated movie of Vijay has hit the screen this Diwali and it is a feast for Vijay fans. The movie starts with Indian corporate companies fearing the arrival of Sundar Ramsamy, the CEO of GL company to India. This creates an anticipation for the character as it shows his extreme power.

But the makers fail to keep up the thrill alive  as Sundar is not at fierce as it as made up. At one point, the  movie seems more like masala Telugu movies with over the top fights and too much of heroism.

But having said that, the movie has an extremely impressive premise and showcases the value of a vote for the citizens. You take this concept, mix it with Vijay’s charisma, add a bit of actions and emotions and you will end up with Sarkar.

It is Vijay’s show all the way and the other characters fail to make any impression as the movies jumps from one scene to another and the viewers fail to keep track of the logics behind it. The songs are mostly in the background and Vijay is not given enough change to showcase his dancing skills.  Keerty Suresh looks good and thats all can be said about her role.

Overall, its worth a one time  watch along with the family as long as you keep your expectations low.