Samsung Halts Production Of New Note 7


Samsung is going through a very bad phase. First, its flagship mobile Galaxy Note 7 had to be recalled due to faulty battery. And now, even the newly replaced Note 7 has been known to catch fire while charging.

As a result, Samsung has altogether stopped the production of the new Note 7 until they investigate this issue and sort it out. Numerous telecom companies have also halted sales and exchange of Note 7 due to the same reason. The customers can still exchange their Note 7 with any other Samsung Mobile or any other brand of their choice. Many airlines have already banned the use of Note 7 in their flights.

This is a major blow to the tech giant and one of the largest product recall in its class. This is a crucial moment for Samsung, especially when Apple has launched their new iPhone 7 and Google also entering the market with its own Pixel smartphones.