Salman Khan Gifts One Lakh Each for Jai Ho Team



salman khan

Even though his latest movie Jai Ho did not do as expected in the box office, Salman Khan made sure that each and every one who is the part of the team gets a token of appreciation.

Salman Khan gave a cheque of One Lakh each to everyone who worked in the movie, from spot boys to makeup man to lightman from his personal account.  The total amount came to around two crores.

Salim Khan says “Yes Salman and Sohail have given the entire cast and crew cheques of Rs 1 lakh each. They are happy with their work. Sab ko dena chahiye. If they work for you and you don’t share your money with them, that’s unfair. But it is not something to be advertised nor is it done for publicity. There’s a different joy in giving. That’s it.