Saaho Movie Review


After a mammoth like Bahubali, Prabhas has now taken up a new avatar in Saaho. His opening scene is all it takes you to set up your expectations. But unfortunately, it is shortlived.

The movie is a cocktail of twists, turns, guns, and action. The movie seems too crowded and you soon sense the count of who is what in the movie and to top it all, the makers try to add many layers to the character which only adds up to the viewer’s confusion.

An actor who seems to be a villain in one scene becomes a good person in the very next scene and again turns back to baddie in the next. After a certain point you just helplessly wait for the mess to end. The VFX of the movie is not on par with Bahubali, but still looks good in some places. The action scene seems to be too lengthy and over the top towards the end.

What works with Telugu audiences may not work with Bollywood viewers and makers like Rajamouli have proved how to balance the act to meet everyone’s expectations. But the makers of Saaho must have thought that it would be enough of have known faces from all the cinema industry (Bollywood, Tamil, Malayalam and Telugu). But the movie looks like a typical Telugu masala entertainer with multiple villains and hero who can find a gang of 100 with bare hands and is literally bulletproof. And soon you think that you are watching a Hindi dubbed version of a Telugu movie in Youtube.

The movie has traces of Race in the screenplay and some of the sequences are inspired by Fast and the Furious series.

In short, it is a wasted opportunity to strengthen Prabha’s grip in Bollywood cinema.