Romeo Akbar Walter Movie Review

Romeo Akbar Walter

It seems that John Abraham is trying to become another Askhay Kumar. Or has the industry typecasted them? I wonder why does John play the same kind of role in all the recent movies.

Romeo Akbar Walter – RAW is just another movie of John’s career. And to some extent, the movie did a fair job. It is the same kind of movie where John does not have to emote any expression.

What works for the movie is art and sets. They literally transform you to the 1970s era. The movie is good in bits and pieces, but the plot is flawed in some places and lacks any logic. For example, why would RAW go through all the pain and planning to get John to become a spy? Shouldn’t RAW be already having a great team of spies with them?

The entire transformation of Romeo to Akbar is badly executed and the viewers simply do not relate when that. Then the spy drama is executed well and keep us engaged. And the twist in the climax is good even though it could be sensed it you concentrate enough during the runtime.

Overall, Romeo Akbar Walter is kind of a misfire which managed to just scratch its target.