Roadside Romeo Reivew

Roadside Romeo Review

Bollywood has really taken a giant step towards motion animation picture with RoadSide Romeo. The film was truly hilarious. Yash Raj Films and Walt Disney has really done a great job.

This is a typical bollywood film with even the same old story line, a boy a girl and off course a villain. But the twist in the tale here is that it is an animation movie and there are no human faces in the lead role. The film is entirely made based on the Dog community.

Even though the logic of a city with barely any humans is hard to digest, but the script never gives you any chance to find out any mistakes as you are always busy laughing and enjoying the scenes.

Saif Ali Khan as Romeo has done a great job. Even the body language of the animated dog was resembling Saif (or may be I felt so). Kareena Kapoor as Laila has done a fair job too. But the stand out performance was given by Javed Jaffery, Charlie Anna. His tamil dialogues were fun.

The screenplay was the movie was excellent and some scenes were shear masterpieces considering that this the first full motion animation picture for bollywood. But I must say that the facial expressions and the body language could have been much better in some places.

I must surely speak about Abbas Tyrewala, who wrote the dialogues of this movie. Most of the jokes were so good that before I stop laughing, the next scene will pass. Abbas has taken great care to write the dialogues based on dogs. Even the common lines were rewritten based on dogs, thus giving the great punch to the dialogues. Most of the jokes were shown for the first time, I suppose. Jugal Hansraj has really showed that he has the talent by accepting the challenge by directing a animation movie as his debut.

Overall, the film is a must watch with the whole family.

Plus: Excellent execution of the script, good animation supported by good voice overs.

Minus: hmmm….. its the first animation movie dude…. forget all mistakes

Overall Rating : image

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