Ralph Breaks the Internet Movie Review

Ralph Breaks the Internet

Starring – John C. Reilly, Sarah Silverman, Gal Gadot, Jane Lynch, Jack McBrayer
Director – Rich Moore, Phil Johnston

Ralph is back after a period of 6 years and this time he is taking down the internet. The movie continues from where it left off. Ralph and Vanellope are best buddies and are rocking the arcade arena world. Ralph is happy with his life whereas Vanellope  needs some more fun and thrill in her life. And what better place to add some fun than the internet.

Due to some issues(no spoilers), Ralph and Vanellope decide to go to the internet and purchase an item from eBay, and this is where the cinematic brilliance is showcased. The world of internet is shown in a truly fun and innovative way. The movie keep you glued to your seats, kids and adults alike. The movie has something for everyone.

The attention to detail is amazing and it shows how much hours of work and brainstorming would have gone behind creating such a lively world of internet. From popup ads, to ad blocker, to the dark web, everything is sculptured in a truly amazing manner.  And to top it all, there are very interesting cameos from many of your favorite  characters.

This movie is a must watch for all the movie buffs and you will leave the theater with a smile in your face.