Radhe: Your Most Wanted Bhai Review

Salman Khan is back with his latest Eid release, Radhe: Your most wanted bhai. I wonder how did they decide on this title. And why wait all the way till Eid 2021 when he could have released it anytime after the initial delays. I guess it was just to accommodate a dialog referred to Eid.   Anyways, lets jump on.

First, let us clear any speculation. This is NOT a sequel to Wanted. It holds on to some of the elements from Wanted, like the name of the protagonist and the punch line of “ek bar jo meine commitment….”, and the similarities end there. Even though I have not seen the original Korean movie, I assume that this movie is drastically changed to fit the Bollywood tone.

The movie is no Sultan or Bhajrangi Bhaijaan either. So do not hope to see dramatic performances in the movie. This is out and out a Salman Khan show, made especially for the masses to whistle and roar. You see him fight, you see him shirtless, you see him dance (well kinda…..).

The movie is a good watch, if your intensions are to forget the traumatic world and have some mindless entertainment. And by mindless, I do not mean movies like houseful. The movie may sound over the top in most places, but this is what Bhai is known for, this is what people want to see from the Bhai. That he bashes goons, utters few punchlines and saves the day.

Overall, its a mixed bag. If you can stop thinking too much and forget about logics, you may enjoy the movie.