Salman Khan is back with his Eid treat in the form of RACE 3, and I am left in a confusion if the movie was good or bad. The movie is indeed a treat to Salman Khan fans. You get to see him in his elements and even do some killer dance moves. But Race had always been about twists, turns and betrayals. Even though this part has its own share of them, but something seems to be lagging when compared to previous editions.

The opening scene sets up a good base, but it also gives up on the major spoiler, that Anil Kapoor is eventually going to be the baddie. Some of the major spoilers were already shown in the trailer of the movie. So it took out much of the fun in the rest of the movie since you already knew how things are going to end up.

The screenplay is very scrappy at some places and I would not even like to talk about the rubbish CGI in some of the scenes, especially during action sequences. Some of the dialogues are extremely bad and rather seems to take the effect out of the scene.  With superstar like Salman Khan and starts like Anil Kapoor in their kitty, the makers had all the ingredients to make it a smash hit of the season, but I believe that it may fall short of it.

No doubt, overall, Race 3 is a action packed entertainer and paisa vasool movie, but it does not raise the bar of the RACE franchisee. In short, this time around, race has lost its pace.