Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi Review

Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi Review

Last night I got a change to see the premiere show of Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi (RNBDJ). The film was quite good, but in no way comparable to DDLJ. Shahrukh and Anuskha have played their parts in the most excellent manner.

The film starts in the most unpredictable way when Suri (Shahrukh Khan AKA SRK) brings his newly wed wife Tanni (Anushka Sharma) to his home. This gives a clear indication that the film has a flashback to be narrated. But again as not expected, the flashback is very small but little bit unbelievable too , because the events in the flashback are supposed to be happened on a single day.

Suri is a normal man with 9 to 5 life, but his wife Tanni is a fun loving character. Tanni asks Suri’s permission to join a Dance Jodi Competition. It is now when Suri arrives in a Macho Man Avatar – Raj ( as all other YRF movies) and joins the competition as Tanni’s pair. Then starts the hide and seek between Suri and Raj until Tanni admits to Raj that she loves him. Then the remaining story goes as Rab wants it to be. Come on….. don’t except the entire story in the review. Go on the watch the movie. Of course the film has happy ending. Tanni and Suri win the Dance Jodi Competition and also each others hearts. But how? For that you need to watch the movie.

The film has many light moments and SRK has shown great maturity in showing the difference between Raj and Suri. But I am unable to digest one thing. How was Tanni unable to recognize that Raj and Suri are same. Come on yaar, give us a break… A man cannot change only by shaving and putting gel in his hair. Even the show host was able to make up that both Raj and Suri are same.

The songs in the movie are very good. Anushka has shown a great maturity in her acting. The screenplay was excellent and even the director has made the audience to sit and watch the trailing scroll by adding the couple’s photos. That was a brilliant idea. Overall the film is very good even though it may not break all the records.

Plus: Good Humor, Excellent Music, Good Editing and screenplay, Sweetly narrated story, Excellent acting

Minus: Could have shown more difference in SRK’s character.

Overall Rating : image

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