Pritam Singh Wins 25 Lacs Rupees In Bigg Boss Torture Cage Task


Pritam Singh Wins 25 Lacs Rupees In Bigg Boss  Torture Cage Task


As the second day of the torture cage task progresses, Pritam Singh, Dimpy Ganguly and Gautham Gulati are left in the battle. Bigg Boss announces another irresistible offer, which Dimpy happily takes. Not to our surprise, Gautham Gulati was everyone’s target today and all the contestants team up to annoy him for not doing household activities in a satisfying manner.

Even when Mehak came to speak in favor of Gautham, the entire house teamed up against Gautham and it converted to ugly war of words in no time. We think that may be this is the reason for which Gautham quit the task. And the birthday boy Pritam Singh won the task.

Earlier, Karishma Tanna quit the task after getting an offer to directly nominate any one in next weeks nominations. Since Gautham Gulati has not won the task, we won’t be shocked if Karishma Tanna nominates Gautham Gulati in next weeks nominations.