We get advance Pongal treat as Rajnikanth is back in the silver screen with Petta. And this time he is back in his good old avatar from the 90’s. We get to see our favorite Rajni with his swag and screen presence from his Badshah days.

When you see the retro style Rajni intro card in the beginning, you know that you are in for a treat and the movie does not fail you. Obviously, there are some flaws in the movie, but we can forget and forgive all the flaws, just to see our thailavar back in such an avatar.

It is Rajni’s show all the way and others have much lesser work to do. The start cast of the movie  is huge but most of them fail  to leave any impression.  Both the heroines too have little to do, but the screen of Rajni and Simran in the movie are fun to watch.

The sets, camera and dialogues are amazing and sets up the good tone for the movie. The costumes used for Rajni is perfect and the Anirudh has nailed it in the backgroud music. The second half seems  to be a bit dragging, but no one will complain as long as they see Rajni on the screen. The twist is the climax came out of nowhere.

Overall, it is a amazing movie and its good to see superstar back in such a avatar.