Marvel looses Spider Man to Sony Again


As the saying goes, all good things must come to an end. Few years ago Marvel and Sony struck a unprecedented deal to collaborate for five Spider Man movies for an equal share in profit.  And now both the parties are unable to renew the  deal.

Spiderman Far From Home was the fifth movie of the deal and Sony had collectively made 8 Billion USD from the deal. Now as per news, it seems that Marvel is now demanding higher stakes to renew the deal, whereas Sony wants to stick to the old terms and conditions.

This is more of the problem for Marvel than for Sony. Spider Man has kind of become the face of the MCU in last few movies, especially the way Tony Stark AKA Iron Man transferred his legacy to the young chap.

An interesting thing to notice here is that Marvel had not mentioned even a single Spider Man movie in their list of new movies in Phase 4 during the Comic Con.  But hope is not lost yet. Both the parties have still not confirmed that the deal is off.