Lucifer Movie Review


Let’s come straight to the point. Lucifer is Mohanlal’s show all the way but aptly supported by the remaining cast. It is one of those massy movies where you will end up cheering in the multiplex the same way as in single screen cinemas.

The movie is a regular political-family thriller where everyone is trying to overcome their issues, but the way the entire story is woven together makes it a thrilling watch. The heroism, the editing, the DOP, the BGM all fall rightly in place to give tribute to this superstar.

Vivek Oberoi has played the baddie to utter conviction. You instantly start to hate him whenever he is on screen. Everyone in the cast has something to contribute to the movie and by the end, all your questions are answered.

Overall, Lucifer is a must watch entertainer even if you are not a Mohanlal fan.