Kurbaan Movie Review

Kurbaan Movie Review

Kurbaan Movie Review




Kubaan, yet another film on international terrorism hit the theaters recently.  The film has the glimpses of New York written all over it. Karan Johar has touched a very sensitive subject and had failed to some extent. The film seems to like portraying the Muslim community as terrorist. As a responsible citizen, he should have handled this subject with a lot more care.

As far as the film is concerned, Saif has played his part well and it was good to see Kareena playing a good role after Jab We Met. Even though some scenes were hard to believe, overall it was a good piece of art. A good script not well woven into scenes.
It almost like a comeback movie for  Vivek Oborei and he has played his part well too.

Overall, there is nothing much to say about Kurbaan. Not meeting the expectations to the degree of media hype it generated. You can certainly skip this meal if you have not come out of “New York” yet. Done give “Kurbaan” of your money if you have anything important to spend for rather than for this movie.

Plus: Good work by Saif, Kareena and vivek

Minus: No life in the movie. Deals the subject with a blind eye.

Overall Rating :image

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