Kidnap Movie Review

Kidnap Movie Review….

Here is the review for Kidnap movie.

Movie – Kidnap
CastSanjay Dutt, Minissha Lamba, Imran Khan, Vidya Malvade, Malaika Arora, Amrita Arora, Rahul Dev
Director – Sanjay Gadhavi
Music Director – Pritam
Lyrics – Mayur Puri

Imraan Khan is back with Kidnap. After watching the movie last night, I felt that the film could have been far better especially when it is following the like of Dhoom 1 and Dhoom2. Kidnap is the story of anger and revenge, the same old typical Indian formula, but with some added spice and with a completely new dimension.

The title scroll of the movie is the biggest give away where we can easily guess what the story is all about. This reduced the thrill of the movie to a great extent. I belive that if the scenes during the title scroll be removed, the film will have more thrill and suspence as for why Imraan is doing all these things.

Sunjay Dutt has done great justification to the role of Ranveer Raina, a typical businessman who neves gives up, let it be business or life. Minisha Lambha was much of a skin show in the movie. Let God help her to learn how to act, this skin show will not help her for long in Bollywood.

Imraan kidnaps Minisha, who is the daughter of Sunday Dutt and then starts the series of clue solving which will finally lead to the location of Minisha, the very place where it all began. Some parts of the movie are very interesting especially the chase and fight scenes.

The music of the film has not done a great deal. But the good thing is that the songs were not moving away from the script. Each song has contributed to the development of the script. Atleast the audience will not go out to smoke, as they know that something will happen during the song.

Overall the film can be seen once, as a very good alternative to Dhrona for sure…

Plus: Interesting screenplay and script.

Minus: The tasks given to Sunjay Dutt were not realistic.

Overall Rating : image


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