When Karan Johar Fumbled On Stage



kajol-karanIts a rare phenomenon to see Karan Johar fumble on stage. He is knows to be a daring host who throws all kind of questions to his celeb guests in his famous chat show Koffee With Karan.


But this time around he as in the receiving end. Karan was caught off guard when he called Tanuja on stage to give her the lifetime achievement award during the Filmfare awards. He was supposed to say “Yeh unn naayab kaalakaro mein se hai…” but instead ended up fumbling each time after the word “naayab”. On seeing this, Tanuja’s daughter Kajol, who was seated in the front row ended up laughing uncontrollably which made Karan very embarrased. Karan, known to be witty, then said on stage to Kajol, “How can you do this to me, especially when your mother is getting an award?”

Everyone was taken by surprise when Farhan Akthar, who was seated nearby, came to Karan’s rescue, narrated the same lines without any trouble, clapped for himself and exited.