Independence Day: Resurgence Movie Review

An Epic Disaster

Independence Day Resurgence

By the look of the trailers, Independence Day: Resurgence was undoubtedly one of the most anticipated movies of this summer. But it has let us down, big time. The movie is a sequel to Independence Day and is set to be taking place 20 years after the initial alien invasion.

But it seems that nothing much has been changed on our side. Especially, even after studying the alien technology for 20 years, we just come up with the idea of “blowing the mother ship… again”.

The movie, which could have been easily a decent blockbuster, has just made a mockery of the first part. The movie begins on an interesting note, but then slowly things start to fall apart and you will be left with really bad movie experience.

No spoilers. But if you have spare  time and money to spend, you may still watch the movie just to pay respect to the first part. Will Smith is badly missed in the movie, but even he could not have saved this movie from being a disaster