Ice Age 3 Movie Review

Ice Age 3 Movie Review

Ice Age 3, the next sequel to hit the screen within a week after the Transformers has not failed to tickle you. The film is extremely hilarious and more enjoyable than the second part. The film begins in the typical ice age. Manny and Ellie are expecting a baby. Sid is still fooling around and wants to have a family too. Deigo feels that he is too old now to have an adventurous life. Scratt is still working hard to get the acorn, but find his lady love Scratte.

Sid gets hold of three dino eggs and decides to raise them. But soon he is taken into the territory of the dinos along with his babies. The rest of the herd decides to go to save Sid. Here begins the adventurous journey with some roller coaster ride which will leave your stomach in pain becasue of too much of laughing.

Finally, everything goes well. Sid is saved. Manny gives birth to Peaches , their new baby daughter and they return back to the Ice Age.

Overall, its a Ice Age 3 is a very cooling experience in this hot season. A must watch for both adults and kids, if you want to have a good time with the family.

Plus: Good animation and genuine comedy

Minus: I couldn’t think of any.

Overall Rating :image

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