Gully Boy Movie Review

Gully Boy

Directed by: Zoya Akhtar
Cast: Ranveer Singh & Alia Bhatt

I had never thought that a movie on Mumbai street rap could be so engaging to watch. I had never thought that a movie on Mumbai street rap would even make any sense. But when I finally got to watch Gully Boy, it was a moment of realization. Gully Boy just shatters all boundaries and makes you realize that there is nothing more important than fulfilling your dream and your purpose in life.

Ranveer Singh has played his part with perfection and dedication and you can only root for his success. Alia Bhatt is total dynamite in the movie and whenever she is on the screen you would only wonder of what is she going to do next.

The core of the movie is music, rap, and dialogues because they help you to stick with the theme of the movie. Zoya has made sure that the movie is easily followed by anyone who does not have any knowledge of rap music.

The movie seems slightly longer but there is not even a single scene which could have been cut off. All the characters in the movie have an important role to play and a proper character arc. The songs are already a hit and you could hear them on a loop.

A special mention for the character who plays MC Sher. This guy is to watch out for in the future and I would not blame you if you thought that he is a professional rapper.

Overall, Gully Boy is a journey that you cannot miss. Every scene is made with a lot of dedication and the actors have put on their best performances.