Rohit Shetty is back again this festive season with Golmaal Again. The movie has no relation with the previous parts and is a totally independent story. The movie retains most of the previous cast and added a few new starts.

Ajay Devgan AKA gopal and is friends are a member of a orphanage in Ooty and the story revolved around what they do to save the orphanage from being taken over by the Villian played by Neil Nithin Mukesh and Prakash Raj.

The movie also has elements to entertain the South Indian audience in the opening scene where the music track of Vijay’s Bhairava is used for the fight. Parineeti Chopra plays a role of Kushi and Tabu portrays the role of Anna.

The movie is in the genre of horror comedy which is becoming the new favorite of Indian Cinema. No spoilers. The movie has many fun elements to keep you hooked in the seat. The movie is over a fun movie but on the condition that you don’t apply any logic. Just enjoy the magic.