Ghajini Review

Ghajini Review

Ghajini is a carefully made remake of its Tamil version. Last night after watch Ghajini, I felt that it was a better one when compared to the previous version, especially the climax, which was a big blunder in the Tamil version.

Aamir Khan played his role extremely well and the pain he took to portrait his character was clearly visible. It was clear that the crew had carefully studied the mistakes in the old version and made necessary changes to the script.

The film starts with a surprise for the new audience when Aamir is introduced as a short term memory loss patient. The flashback is split into three parts and is extremely well edited and it narrates how Aamir Khan (Sanjay Singhania) has come to his current situation. The first two parts of the flashback is the only part where there are little glimpses of comedy. The remaining part of the movie is extremely gloomy, exactly as the script needs it to be. Asin played a typical carbon copy role without any hinch. Even the body language and the dialogues were exactly copied from the tamil version. Jia Khan has also played an extremely matured character as a medical student who is studying the case of Aamir Khan. The Villian’s Bihari accent was rather comic than serious.

Aamir Khan has done a great job in showing the pain of a sort term memory loss patient and will truly touch your heart. The major highlight of the film is its climax which has been changed. Here Aamir kills the Villian exactly has he had killed her girl friend. The film has an excellent background score as you can expect from A R Rahaman and the songs are also very good. But the choreography of the songs could have been lot better. None of the dances were upto the mark and Latto was just ok.

Overall it was a good movie and a must watch for all those who like out of trend movies.

Plus: Good screenplay and editing, Excellent background music

Minus: Too gloomy, Poor choreography

Overall Rating : image

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