Drona Movie Review

Drona Movie Review

Yesterday was the most boring day of my life. No marks for guessing, I watched Drona. Drona is nothing but children’s movie that is not make for them at all. It seems like the director thought that Indian audiences do not watch Hollywood movies. This inspired him to combine some all time hollywood hits and come up with the script of Drona.

Even the dumbest person can say that Drona is inspired by Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter and few ideas were borrowed from The Mummy and the Arabian Nights. You can even see the Indian version of Gandalf from the Lord of the Rings make his appearence. You cannot stop laughing when you see that scene.

Abhishek Bachhan, as always sucks in this film. Priyanka Chopra has done a fair job. Kay Kay Menon is surely the new villian on the block. Drona is the fight between the demons who want to become immortal and drona, whose task is to stop them from doing to.

The sets of the film are well below par and the camera angles and lighting were very bad in some places. I dont want to say anything about the graphics used in the film. But I wonder when the filmmakers will learn to make realistic graphics.

The songs in the film was not even satisfactory. Oop Cha was nothing but a complimentary song to save the audience from getting bored. Overall there is nothing extraordinary or not even ordinary in the film to spend money watching it.

Plus: Hmmm…. well…..hmmmm….. i think nothing

Minus: Scrambled storyline, Worst Screenplay

Overall Rating : image


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