Dreamscreen TV: The Next Gen TV Experience

Add Responsive Ambilight to any TV with HDMI


Television sets have evolved over time. From CRT to flat screen to plasma, LED, LCD and so on. The resolutions of the sets have also evolved over time which 4K and 5K becoming the new norms.

But something which has not changed much is the actual viewing experience. Even though the resolution is much sharper, the strain factor to the human eye remains and cannot be neglected. One of the best solutions to address is issue is ambilight. But sadly, there are very few televisions in the market that have out of the box ambilight support and they are ridiculously priced.

Imagine how good it would be if the consumers get an option to add ambilight to their existing TV sets at a fraction of the price instead of investing on a new TV with builtin ambilight support. Introducing Dreamscreen, the ultimate solution to add ambilight to literally any TV and give you an entirely new viewing experience.

Dreamscreen uses a programmable led strip along with the proprietary HDMI stick that gives out ambilight based on the content of the screen. All you need to have is a TV with HDMI port. Dreamscreen works like magic and does the rest. Dreamscreen is the perfect solution for our strained eyes while watching TV for long hours. And it also gives a feel of a bigger screen. Who would not want a bigger TV like this? It also comes with a mobile app, which can be used as a remote. And it also has some preset modes to suit your requirements.

It all started as an idea in the Kickstarter portal. With the overwhelming response, the Dreamscreen team has already started to take preorders which will be delivered after the orders made via the Kickstarter has been delivered.

The Dreamscreen comes in three sizes: classic, mega and extreme and supports TV up to 85 inches. You also have an option to buy only the led strips, in case you are changing to a bigger TV. So that you need not by the HDMI stick again. The prices vary from 139.99 USD to 179.99 USD based on the sizes and the LED strip alone is priced at 49.99 USD to 89.99 USD based on the size.

An additional delivery charge may be applied based on the location of the delivery. It may seem a bit expensive, but all good things come at a cost. I personally, will wait and see if they come up with some seasonal discount, so that I can finally add dream screen to my 50 inch TV.

For more info, visit: http://www.dreamscreentv.com/