Dostana Movie Review

Dostana Movie Review


Dostana, as expected from the trailers, was hilarious. Even though the movie talks about gays, which is still considered a taboo in India, the film still succeeds in winning your heart. This film has not come as a justification for gays or against them. This concept was just added to give a new dimension to the way old hindi film formula. It was a fair balance between love and friendship.

John and Abishek are looking for a rental flat. Its when the come across Priyanka who is letting off her flat. John and Abishek tell that they are gays in order to get the flat for rent. After this the film is full of laughters as they both get stuck in one problem or other and are forced to continue their gay act.

Kiron Kher has played a small but cute part as Abishek’s mother. The reactions given by her when she knows that her son is a gay is just out of this world. The scene where she accepts John as a member of the family is just superb. Almost all the comedies were pretty new as its was the first film of its kind.

Abishek has come with a decent acting after a long time, way better then Drona. John has also done a good job and also danced for a few beats in this movie. Priyanka seems so comfortable with her role and she played it to perfection. The twist in the tale comes when Bobby Deol comes into the scene and joins the fight to win Priyanka. After this the film get little serious, but still there are some funny scenes involving Bobby too….

Overall the film can be watched without having too much thought of what it portraits about…

Plus: Good Humour, Excellent Music, Good Editing and screenplay (making Abi and John act is not an easy task dude)

Minus: Overdose of Gayism…

Overall Rating : image

Signing Off….

Keep Rokin!!!

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