Delhi 6 Review

Delhi 6 Review

Delhi 6 Review

Delhi 6 @@####…. grrrr…..

This is truly the next worst movie of 2009 after CC2C. There is nothing to say about the movie. I am still in disbelief that this move is made by the same man who made the masterpiece like Rang De Basanti. Abishiek has done good marketing of his Motorola mobile. Sonam is good for nothing. The story lacks the concept. I guess the director was never sure of what kind of movie he wanted to make, and ends up with a worst storyline.

Even the picturization of the songs was extremely poor. I am not telling anything about the story because there is no story at all in the movie. My advice to you all is that….. BEWARE OF DELHI6. And my condolences for the people of Delhi whose city will be defamed by this movie.

Plus: ????

Minus: Everything about the movie.

Overall Rating :image or less

Signing Off….

Keep Rokin!!!

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