Captain Marvel Movie Review

Captain Marvel

Marvel is one step closer to culminate the Avengers series in a grand manner and have unveiled the grand weapon against Thanos – Captain Marvel. This is Marvel’s 21st movie and their first female superhero movie.

The movie is intended to close the gaps in the series and to answer some old questions. The movie, by the standards of Marvel, is not in the top of the form but still manages to keep you hooked to the screen.

You get to see the young Fury and the CGI team has done a pretty good job in there. The screenplay seems to slow down at some places but the usual Marvel comic timings keep the buzz alive. The movie answers many of the questions like how did the pager end up with Fury, how did Fury lose his eye, why was Captain Marvel not around during the Avengers’ fight with Thanos and so on.

Do not miss the mid-credit scene as it connects the movie with Avengers End Game and the end credits give the glimpse of what to expect in Avengers End Game.

Overall, the movie does the job of what it is intended for that is to set the stage for Avengers End Game.