Bigg Boss Contestants Take Cow Dung Bath To Win The Bathroom Area


Bigg Boss Contestatats Take Cow Dung Bath To Win The Bathroom Area


As we are know that the challengers and the champions of the Bigg Boss house are at loggerheads to win over different areas of the house.The challengers have already got control over the Kitchen. Today Bigg Boss has given a new task to gain control over the bathroom.

One challenger and one champion was supposed to take bath in cow dung for almost 15 minutes and the contestant whose soap is almost finished will gain control of the bathroom. Pritam Singh was given an opportunity to be the Karya Sanchalak. The champions were given a head start by the period of one minute over the challengers.

Dimpy Ganguly and Rahul Mahajan were selected to represent the champions and challengers respectively. The task started of well but suddenly the soap slipped from Dimpy’s hand and she started desperately to search for it under the dirty water. But later she claimed that the soap got almost over thus it slipped off from her hand. But the challengers were not convinced from Dimpy’s statement and said the if the soap was over then she would not have searched for it.

Rahul patiently finished the task and finally Pritam was left in a very difficult situation to choose a winner among them. Now this are hard times for Pritam as he had to decide whether to let the challengers gain access over the bathroom or play some tactics and retain the bathroom to themselves.