Bharat Movie Review


Its Eid, and Salman Khan has treated his fans with Bharat. The trailer of the movie looked promising. After all, it had Bhai is several different avatars. The movie is based on the Korean film, An Ode To My Father.

The original was based on the life of a son, who witnesses many historical events in Korean history and keeps his family together as a promise to his father. This is the same plot for Bharat as well, but this movie somehow lost the human touch in it.

You know from the trailers itself that Salman Khan AKA Bharat, is in his 70s has claims that his life was indeed very “Colorful”. So from the moment the movie starts you know that whatever challenges comes in his way, he is going to overcome them. So we fail to root for the main character in the movie.

Some of the scenes in the movie, especially in the early part of adult Salman Khan, is just added to keep his fan entertained and has no impact in the movie as such. The kids that enact Bharat and Vilayati get some of the most funny scenes in the movie.

Another factor is the length of the movie. The movie is excruciatingly long and some of the scenes could have been easily cut  without effecting the tone of the movie. One such example is the pirates scenes, which makes a mockery of itself.

Katrina and Sunil Grover get ample screen time and make the most of it.

Overall, Bharat is good in bits and pieces and you can avoid it if you are not a Salman Khan fan.