Besharam Movie Review


Besharam Movie Review





Besharam has finally made it to a theaters after a long wait. And you bet, it came with a bang. The time is not far, where Khans will no longer be ruling the box office.

As expected, the movie has opened to amazing response from the audience. This movie has something for everyone. It has action, comedy, romance and all the masala in correct dosages.



Javed has done an exceptional job as a villain and at the same time he as managed to keep it as hilarious as possible. There are not many stars in bollywood with such a rare gift.

The treatment of the characters and the whole storyline is enjoyable, and one will sure not feel bored and before you realise it, the movie moves along at a fast pace. The songs are enjoyable too, with a lovely tribute to the disco-era of the past, and specifically to the younger Rishi Kapoor! The dialogues and one-liners of the movie are definitely something that will stay for a long time, full of comedy!! Abhinav Kashyap(the director) has done a wonderful job of getting the best out of a powerful lineup of actors.


Rating : 3.5/5