Bebo and Piggiy Chops patch up


Bebo and Piggiy Chops patch up



Yes, Sohail Khan ruled out any possibilities of friendship between Salman Khan and ShahruKh Khan. So the two camps in Bollywood won’t be one after all. But anyway! Looks like some one else has taken inspiration from these two hotties and has decided to mend fences. It’s none other than the two biggest actresses of Bollywood, Kareena Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra!!

Word on the street is that both the actresses were shooting in the same suburban studio. Mrs Nawab Khan was shooting for a commercial and Piggy chops was shooting for her upcoming biopic, Mary Kom. Since everyone knows about their cold war, every unit member was terrified about what would happen, if these two hotties crossed paths! An onlooker said, “They were aware about each other’s presence in the vicinity. Unit hands were on tenterhooks on what would happen if their paths crossed considering the cold vibes Bebo and PC share.”



Well the day passed normally with out any fatalities, and then Kareena was about to leave, she was walking up to her car which was parked beside PC’s vanity van (coincidence? Nah!) and then just like that they both had a cordial conversation and no one was injured! Wah! This is what the source had to say, “Late evening however when Kareena had wrapped up her shoot and was walking towards her car which was close to PC’s vanity van, the latter went up to her and greeted her. Bebo was cordial and they chatted for a while.”

Nice! Maybe Priyanka was thanking Kareena for attending her fathers funeral and prayer meet. Or maybe Kareena was complementing Priyanka’s new song. Or they were just having small talk! We will never know, but then again! All is well that ends well!