Bachna Ae Haseeno Review

Bachna Ae Haseeno Review

As feared, the Haseenas have nothing to be afraid of after all. Bachna ae haseeno does not seem to steal their hearts. So its safe for them to watch the movie.

After watching the premiere show of the movie, I felt that it is just an above par movie and there was nothing outstanding in it to survive in the box office for a longer time (and to make profit too), especially during this time when films like Jaane Tu… and Kismat Konnection are still doing well and Singh is Kinng is also rocking the box office.

When the film starts, one gets the feeling that the film will be out and out comdey, after all its about a boy falling in love with three girls (sounds exciting, isint,t). But the momentum of the movie never seems to pick up, of course there are a few splashes of fun here and there. But as the movie continues, you will realise that the story is fallen apart as bits and pieces and there is not connection between these three love stories.

Ranbir Kapoor has done considerably well in the film and we can now be sure that he can act a bit. So, his talent was wasted after all, in Saawariya. Well, out of the heriones, Bipasha stands out, may be bacause her role was litte longer and more interesting than the others. The on-screen chemistry between Ranbir and Deepika does not seem to leave any charm in the movie as Deepika seems to be really “acting” and there was nothing natural in the scenes involving them.

The movie has a few glimpses of other Hindi and South Indian movies and has a major contribution from DDLJ (it was supposed to be that way). The first half of the movie is full of fun but the second half seems to be dragging as there are songs after songs to slow the pace of the film. The films seems to go normally when Ranbir cheats Manisha and Bipasha but the twist come when Deepika rejects his proposal and Ranbir gets the taste of his own medicine. This is when the hero decides to apologize to all this former girlfriends. This part of the movie is litte fun, thanks to the little cameo played by Kunal Kapoor. The part where Bipasha tortures Ranbir is funny. But the films come the an unnatural and abrupt end, may be the director realised that he is dragging the movie after all.

Overall, the film is satisfactory. Worth watching for time pass.

Plus: The star cast, Average Music, Comedy

Minus: Too many songs in second half slows down the movie, Screenplay could have been far better

Overall Rating : 3.5/5


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