Avengers: Endgame Movie Review


After a year-long wait, after Thanos disintegrated half of the population of the entire universe, it is now time for the Avengers to strike back.


The movie is a masterpiece. It is more than three hours long, but you will pass on in a flash since the tight screenplay keeps you hooked to the screen. The movie shatters all your exceptions with the first few minutes since it takes an entirely different approach to take the story forward.

The movie is not all out an action and has proper conversations to develop a proper arc to the characters. As the famous saying goes – “everything ends well”  or does it? The movie keeps you hanging in the cliffhanger till the very end. After all, that’s what Endgame was supposed to be.

Since we already know that many of the original Avenger’s contracts are coming to an end, it was interesting and overwhelming to see the future for them. The only spoiler is that there are no mid and end credits in the movie. So do not spend your time waiting until the very end.

Overall, you will leave the theater with mixed emotions having known that this is the end of phase 3 for the MCU. It is a movie not the be missed.