Aquaman Movie Review


DC is back yet again with another attempt to win our hearts with its  comic inspired superhero movies, this time with Aquaman, and we are left with mixed reactions. The movie tries its best to recreate the magic of Wonder Woman (which I am still wondering how did DC manage to pull off), but falls just short.

Jason Momoa steals the show with his charisma, but by the end it becomes more of his show all the way. But being in a titular role, may be it was supposed to be his show all the way. Many other characters come and go along  the duration of the movie but almost none of them stand out.

The graphics of the movie is amazing and the team has tried many new techniques for the first  time in this movie. The underwater sequences are done brilliantly and for some moment you are given an Avatar like experience. I personally feel that such scenes should have been given more screen time in the movie.

The movie does not shy away from taking cinematic liberty and certain scenes just happen to take the story forward without much logic. With Aquaman, DC has fallen just short of giving us a visual spectacle with thrilling storytelling.

Overall, Aquaman is just another superhero movie in the long list but is still worth a watch just for a CGI and Jason Momoa.