Apple Spring Loaded April 2021 Event


Apple’s first event of 2021 has ended. Named “Spring Loaded”, this was yet again a online event and was initially speculated to happen on March 2021. Most of the event was without any surprise as we had been bombarded with various leaks in the past few months. The even has the following launches.

  1. Purple iPhone 12

Apple released a new color for iPhone 12, in Purple. The Pro line is left out with no new colors. This was kind off a surprise since there were almost no rumors of this.

2. Apple AirTags

Airtags rumors were doing rounds for more than two years now. So, this was not a surprise. It was initially rumored to be released on 2020, but due to the pandemic and people locked in indoors, Apple saw no point in releasing a tracking device. Recently Apple had allowed third party devices to use the Apple “Find My” services and even showcases third party tags and accessories. Airtags are Apple’s own version of such tracking device, and with an iPhone with U1 chip, it can pinpoint the location with great accuracy. The single pack starts with USD 29, and has option for personal engraving.

3. Apple TV 4K

The last edition of Apple TV is more than three years old, and multiple rumors were doing rounds on the new version of Apple TV. With some claiming it to feature A14 chip and some even claiming that it will act as a base station for the rumored Apple Mixed Reality Headset. Apple has put all the rumors to rest… for the moment tough, and revealed the next gen Apple TV 4K. The new Apple TV 4K has A12 Bionic chip, which is already two generations old. It has the same form factor as the previous gen Apple TV 4K. The most noticeable change is the new Siri Remote which as been redesigned and now looks more of a hybrid of the older Aluminum Apple TV Remote and the previous version of the Siri Remote. The new Apple TV now allows color calibration using an iPhone and also supports Dolby Vision streaming using Airplay 2. It starts with USD 179, for the 32 GB variant.

4. iPad Pro

This was somewhat a surprise. Even though it was almost certain that the new iPad Pro will be released in the even, Apple gave a surprise by porting the M1 chip into the iPad Pro. So now the iPad Pro is more powerful than ever. It has performance improvement in all the aspects when compared to the previous generation. One noticeable change is that the 12.9 inch version now has the XDR Display, and thus this variant is more expensive than the previous gen model. There has been no change to Apple Pencil though. The front cam has been improved with wide angle and has “centerstage”¬† ¬†feature to keep you on focus during video calls even when you are moving around. And it now supports 5G and has thunderbolt 4 port. It starts with USD 799 for 11 inch model and a whooping 1099 for 12.9 inch model with XDR Display.

5. iMac

The last product revealed in the event are the new iMacs. Yes, iMacs. Apple has revealed iMacs in 7 colors. It has been completely redesigned for the M1 chip and is now substantially thinner then the previous model. And as expected, M1 gives incredible capabilities and performance improvements. It now has a 24 inch screen but still has the chin in the front though, which hosts the M1 SOC and smaller fans. As with any M1, the new iMacs now has only two thunderbolt ports on the base model and the higher variant has two additional USB C ports. The power adaptor has been changed, from traditional 3 pin power to a proprietary magnetic power adaptor, but it is not Magsafe. It now has a power brick and has gigabit ethernet port it on higher end models. Additionally, Apple also revealed Magic Keyboard with TouchID, Magic Mouse and Trackpad, all of which are color matched with the new models. Surprisingly, power brick with ethernet and Magic Keyboard with TouchID is only available in higher end models, whereas the base models are left with regular keyboard and power brick. IMacs now support 4.5K display. It starts with USD 1299.