Apple Reveals Iphone X


The much anticipated Iphone X is finally here, and X is “TEN” by the way. The phone comes with a massive price tag of USD 999 for 64 Gigs and only has another option of 256 Gigs. As seen in numerous leaks, it has end to end display with OLED technology which Apple proudly calls as “Super” Retina Display.

The gestures of the Iphone X are completely revamped. There is no Home button and no Touch ID. The phone uses a new technique called FACE ID, that recognizes your face to unlock the device. Even though the Face ID demo was a fail during the presentation, Apple is proudly portraying it as the next big thing in device security.

The new front camera allows you to take Animoji, a fun new way to convert your facial expression into animaed emojis.

The new Iphone X has a glass body which now allows Qi wireless charging. It is beefed up with a 12 MP camera with dual lens to allow studio level portraits. But with a massive price tag, it is yet to be seen if it is well received.