Apple iPhone 11 Pro Review

Its been about a week since I started using my new iPhone 11 Pro and here is my honest review.

Getting a new iPhone this year was never on my mind and I had clearly planned to get a new phone on 2020 since it is almost confirmed that the 2020 model iPhone will get a major face-lift. I had never been a fan of FaceID, just because it needs more effort and attention to unlock the phone. And with the rumor mills churning that the next iPhones will get in-screen TouchID, i was all set to get a new phone next year.

Then came the Apple Event and Apple launched three new iPhones and i was still convinced that I can still stick on to my iPhone 7 for one more year. Apple, in its usual manner marketed the features well, and again as usual managed to hide its disadvantages cleverly during the keynote.

I had to visit an Apple store for a different reason,  the day after it was launched in stores and had an opportunity to experience the device first hand.  The moment I had the iPhone 11 Pro in my hands, I knew I need to buy this phone.

Something which no company can market just by words or video is the actual experience one gets by using the product. Apple had bragged about all the great features in the Keynote. The all new three lens camera, higher resolution Pro display, Uband support among many more. But none of the explanations come close to actually holding the device in hand and seeing all by yourself.

Thanks to iOS 13, migrating data from iPhone 7 to the new iPhone 11 Pro was a breeze. I did not even had to re-enter the passwords for many of my apps. All the SMS, iMessages, Whatsapp messages and even downloaded songs from Apple Music was migrated to the new iPhone. Previously I had to re-download all the songs since only the playlist was getting migrated and it also used to be a hassle to re-login on all the apps. But with iOS13’s new migration assistant it took just about an hour to migrate about 100GB of data from iPhone 7 to iPhone 11 Pro.  And guess what, I did not even have to train Siri again for “Hey Siri”.

The display is clearly great, especially when i compare with an already good display of my old iPhone. The colors and contrast are precise and the true tone display is a treat to the eyes. The camera is leaps ahead of what I had before. The new wide angle camera is really addictive and fun to use. The feature which makes it stand apart from other cameras is the way Apple had managed to give a slider to zoom, with in turn uses all three lenses to give us a seamless transition without lagging. This explains why the camera lenses are placed in such a manner at the back. If you do the same exercise is other flagship Android phones, you will know the difference. There is a lag and displacement when you switch lenses on other phones.

The speed and responsiveness is commendable. And I just fell in love with the device instantly. The Dolby Atmos spacial audio complements the video very well. But with all those lovely features, I am still missing the TouchID. And that is the price I am willing to pay to possess such an amazing phone.  But it would have been a killer deal if the price was a bit on the lower side. Even at this age, a 1000$ phone does not make any sense.