Angels and Demons Review

Angels and Demons Review

Angels and Demons, the most anticipated movie of May 2009 is out and this time its even better. The entire drama is set to happen during the time between the Pope’s death and electing a new Pope.

The movie is all about Illumiati, a secret society which was founded more that 400 years ago by Galileo , the first known scientist of modern science. The quest is to find the church of Illumination to stop the catastrophe. The Illuminati scripts (symbols) have been used very wisely. Well, I have not read the novel by Dan Brown so I cannot say how much of the movie is actually based on the novel.

Tom Hanks looks extremely better when compared to Da Vinci Code, especially with the new hair style. The suspense is maintained till the very last moment and you will thoroughly enjoy this movie from the edge of your seat.

The five elements of the Illuminati Puzzle, Fire, Water, Earth, Air and ……. (Come on, watch the movie to know what is the fifth element, or at least read the book), are used in such a way that for a moment you will believe that all those things can be actually true.

Overall, it will be a great movie for all those who are fond of thrillers. May the angels win the battle against the demons.

Plus: An extremely well edited thriller

Minus: Well, I cant think of any….

Overall Rating : image

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