Acer Aspire 3 Review


After a really long time, I had to go back to use a windows laptop. Since I did not want to spend a lot, I settled for a fairly priced Acer Aspire 3. The experience is more of a mixed bag.

The laptop is equipped with Celeron processor. So I have already lowered my expectations. At the first boot, it took about 20 minutes to install windows and I was surprised by its performance.

But after the first restart, the system showed its true colors. It took a good 2 – 3 minutes for the desktop to appear after entering the password. Given the configuration the laptop was running on, I had expected it to be slow, but this was slow to another level. I was still positive and assumed that it will become stable after windows update.

After the initial set of windows update, the system asked to restart. After restart, I get the login screen. And after entering the password, all I get is a black screen with mouse cursor. After some struggle, I had to force shut down and start the system again and this time it booted without any hassle.

I then checked for windows update and installed all the latest update and drivers and now it seems to be much more stable that earlier. But as I said earlier, it runs on Celeron, thus the speed is not going to be up to the mark. You can use this laptop for generic works like browsing and word processing. But it cannot be used for full fledged office and development use as it will slow you down.

Overall, if you speed is not a constraint, then this laptop just serves the purpose.

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