99 Movie Review

99 Movie Review

99 was the first overseas release after a long time due to the ongoing strike in the Bollywood. I got an unexpected chance to watch the movie last night here in Dubai, and Oh boy!, it was out and out hilarious. The film is very simple with a simple and yet effective star cast.

The film portrays two friends Kunal and Cyrus, who want to be successful in life but they fail always because of some problem or other. They start working for Mahesh Manjerekar and this is when the matter becomes worse. The script is neately written to make sure that before you stop laughing for a comdey, you will be bombarded by another one and it goes on and on till the very last minute.

Soha’s role was very short and not important. I guess she was used just because the film would have been incomplete without a heroine. There were also some new faces in the movie, and all of them have done their work to perfection.

The film is partrays India in year 2000 when the match fixing scandal was at its peak and the unit has taken great care to recreate the location as much natural as possible. Even the character names were named after the Indian cricketers.

Overall, 99 has all the technique and tactics to make a well deserved century. A must watch for everyone who was waiting for hindi movie to be released.

Plus: Top class comedy and smartly executed script

Minus: Misses good music

Overall Rating : image

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